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Whether you realize it or not, you ARE a deliberate creator. What you FOCUS ON expands and it's what you manifest into your reality.

Learn HOW to release your fear & become a Master at manifesting ABUNDANCE into your life!

This is the beginning of your NEW reality! 

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster,

Journal Girl Jaclyn

Apply The Law Of Attraction & Master Manifesting Abundance


Why are you allowing yourself to continue to make decisions based from fears? Louise Hay & John Lennon put it so eloquently when they describe what stress & fear are, & what it means to live in love instead. 

I am here to help you SHIFT your mindset to start thinking, feeling, & acting from an EMPOWERING place, your version 2.0 self, starting today. 

You ARE worthy of being happy & manifesting EVERYTHING your soul truly desires through powerful Mastering Your Mindset journaling. You've got this!

Neuroscientists have been able to identify that our mental behavioral patterns stem from a part of the brain called the “basal ganglia”. This region is vital in the development of our memories, our emotions, & even recognizing general patterns. 

Neuroscientists also state that decisions we make stem from a different part of the brain called the “prefrontal cortex”. 

So how can we use these 2 different regions in our FAVOR when it comes to the law of attraction & manifesting? Listen to find out!  

Newsflash: if you think you will receive your manifestation in ease, well, you WILL! If you think you have to work your ass off in order to receive your manifestation, well, you WILL!  

There are 2 directions for your soul’s path in manifesting:   

One is though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. - Albert Einstein  

Mother Nature never forces, so why should you? 

I’m just like you: I spent the majority of my life completely confused about what constitutes a healthy relationship. I spent my teens & my 20’s trying REALLY hard to get people to approve of me, especially my former 3 relationships. 

I even spent my early 30’s trying to attempt approval from the outside in general. I spent the majority of my 35 years trying to PLEASE EVERYONE around me. And what did it do for me? Listen to find out!

I want to talk about the concepts of attachment and detachment. We are all ONE with the Universe, so why do we allow ourselves to be so attached to the outcome of our own desires?   

It’s time to understand just how freeing it truly is to not give a fuck about the outcome of your life.  

I feel like just saying this brings about anxiety for probably a lot of you. I have anxiety, too, but hear me out for a few minutes!  

It happened while on stage at a live streaming Bruce Springsteen concert. I was online everywhere, I am on YouTube from that concert. It was the best day of my life. And I got fat shamed and sexualized online by people. But I am STILL showing up because life is too short to care. Unleash your soul, unleash your freedom. 

While we are quick to claim the Universe isn't on our side when we experience something terrible, I realize if it wasn't for the trauma I had experienced I wouldn't be WHO I AM today. 

Does this mean I want to go back & re-live it all again? HELL NO! However, I am thankful for the lessons I have learned. 

Everything works together in the Universe. If it wasn't for my trauma, I wouldn't have realized my soul's purpose in this world. I truly feel everything connects TOGETHER:  Science AND faith.


THIS Is Why You're Not Receiving Your Manifestation!

Needs...who needs them! 

Such a rookie at this video thing...had no clue the camera had cut off part of my face. =) Hop into the Manifest It! Facebook group for frequent FREE Mastering Your Mindset training! 


Thank Gosh For Free-Will In Love...Or We Could All Be Donald Trump's Puppet

 Many people are curious about whether or not the law of attraction works on attracting a specific person in a specific way to you. Let me introduce the concept of "Free-Will"...you might be actually quite GLAD that it exists when you REALLY think about it!  

So you are high vibin' on life, everything is fun and easy! But then it all comes raining down on you, and usually when it rains it starts pouring. 

No, you're NOT Crazy, this is part of being human. Learn how to Master Your Mindset and take a listen...my pets decide to make themselves known in this one, too! 

You are STILL manifesting despite the hard days we all experience. We are ALL human. 

Keep going! You ARE manifesting it, you get to CHOOSE what you focus on each day. And don't forget: carpe diem! You CAN do this! 

These past 2 days have been ROUGH on me mentally and emotionally. Normally I am a HUGE hustler, but in all honesty I feel I have been run over by an 18-wheeler and I feel defeated as fuck.   

We are human, yes. But, deep down underneath our fears, what is our soul telling us? Click to find out!

The truth is nonsense! Just listen to your soul...and maybe have some cheesecake. What to do when your day is testing you and you feel the pressure from the others. The Universe loves you and you are STILL manifesting your dreams. 

PS: Also, you ARE a badass, so go be a badass and carpe diem! You've got this!  

Let’s talk about mac and cheese, chocolate, and steak and HOW it all relates to money. And yes, even sex...it ALL relates to MONEY!


When You Have A Shitty Day...Pun Intended

I had a crazy rough day today...& to top it all off...I got a not-so-sweet surprise waiting for me in my car. Then, some strange man in the parking lot of a store tried to grab me!

Needless to say, I'm STILL choosing to FOCUS on what I WANT to focus on because while everyone has free-will, I get to CHOOSE how I want to respond.

We all have good days & bad days. It's what we CHOOSE to focus on & HOW we choose to think & respond that creates our reality.

You know the phrase, "growing pains". Well, I'm here to tell you that as a spiritual soul who is manifesting so much into your life, leveling up pains ARE real. Here is how to deal with them for your benefit. Carpe diem!

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