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Grab the #1 Best-Selling Law of Attraction self help book on Amazon!

Are you...

Full of worry, stress, and doubt?

Lacking joy in your life?

Wanting things to be different, but unsure what to do and where to even start?

Feeling like life just keeps getting in your way?

What if there was a way to not only succeed in manifesting, but to manifest more quickly and on a bigger scale?

When you exist (can’t really call it living now, can we) in a life full of worry, unease, and doubt these fear-based emotions block you from manifesting. 

It’s like trying to ride a bicycle with fear eating away at the wheels. How far do you think you’ll get? 

This makes it difficult for the Universe to help you follow your soul’s calling and receive abundance. 

That’s where I come in. I’ve been at the point where you are now and have taken a lot of detours to get where I am today. But those detours now allow me to give you the shortcuts through my best self help books in learning how to use the Law of Attraction in your favor.

“Don’t Feel Stuck!” is a journal workbook designed to help you:

- Release Even the Most Stubborn Mental Blocks: Learn how to release your limiting mental blocks that no longer serve you through identifying and examining the roots of your past beliefs and WHY you still hold on to them.

- Transform Your Beliefs to Empower: Develop your own newly empowering and positive belief system through soul-exploring mindset journaling. 

- Anchor Your New Beliefs: Secure your empowering belief system into your soul’s core through the use of cognitive training exercises. 

- Take Action That Speeds Up Manifestation: Learn how to take inspired, soul-based actions to SHOW the Universe what you truly desire in order to speed up your manifestation process!

After ASTONISHING RESULTS from my clients such as:

- Manifesting unexpected financial windfalls. One person reported $6,000 coming out of nowhere!

- Landing their dream job. Not only did they manifest their dream job, but with a higher pay!

- Total mental and emotional transformations. Going from stressed about everything to joyous and empowered in ALL areas of their life!

Heard of the Law of Attraction before, but don't buy it? Well, that's because there's more to attracting what you want rather than just sitting and feeling good. You need decisive descriptions of what you want followed by SHOWING the Universe what you desire!

The programs in this workbook will destroy your stress and anxiety that are holding you hostage, the things that are keeping you from being able to live your life fully with joy and receiving your life goals and desires.

These journaling techniques are proven to shatter your limiting belief patterns in order to ALLOW your desires to manifest!

I believe in Divine timing. You were guided here today for a reason and there is no better time to start changing your life than right NOW.

Grab your copy! I'll see you within the pages of this transforming workbook!

XOXO Jaclyn

Still Unsure?


Here are some testimonials from people just like you who have already achieved results!

What will YOU manifest!?

I can’t wait to hear about your successes and how your life has been transformed. You are amazing!

Questions or concerns popping up?

Don’t worry, this is completely normal. This is our internal self-defense system kicking in designed to maintain the status quo and not “rock the boat”. 

I took some time to cover common concerns below, but if you still have any questions afterward you can always contact me directly. I’m here to help.

“This sounds great, but the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for me.” 

I used to be just like you. Being a very analytical person I watched it work for the people around me, but for a long time I just couldn’t get the trick. Why did it seem so easy for others, yet nothing I tried worked?

The truth was that I was getting in my own way. And that is precisely why I have created this book to guide you. I’ll show you the shortcuts to not only getting it to work for you, but to get it to work FAST.

You see, there's another element to attracting what you want other than by feeling good: you also need decisive intentions of what you desire followed by SHOWING the Universe what you truly want through taking inspired actions! The Universe IS working behind the scenes and rearranging things on your soul’s path to help you speed up your manifestations. YOU have the power to live the life you truly deserve and you are worthy of having it!

“I want to change, but I have a hard time sticking with it.”


Just the other day I was speaking to someone who wanted their partner to change. During the 17 years they had been married he had been trying, but even when he managed to change temporarily, he was unable to change for the long term.

This is something each and every one of us struggle with and I’ll tell you why: it’s because your brain likes the comfort of familiarity. 

Change is unfamiliar, so when we implement changes our old beliefs will start to protest to return things to the more familiar “status quo”. Don’t rock the boat, they whisper. You’ll drown. Stay here under the covers with us. Sleep 5 minutes more. There is no need to awaken just yet.

This is why when making a change for the long term, your old beliefs subtly insert themselves and sabotage your efforts so they can go back to the way things were. Surely you’ve heard the expression, “better the devil you know than the one you don’t”. These are your fears and your old beliefs holding you back.

Knowledge is the key to preventing this interference. That’s why in the book I included a special section dedicated to uncovering these subconscious beliefs that have been wreaking havoc in your life and prevent you from being happy.

Once we know what they are and how they like to get in your way, we can move past them to create the life you truly desire and MAINTAIN the changes you implement in your life.

I’ll be honest with you, this isn’t a do it once and it’s finished thing. These beliefs will keep trying until your new beliefs have fully taken root and even then might try to make a comeback.

But I promise you, it is one of THE most important things you will ever do in your life and the BEST gift you could possibly give yourself!


“I’d love to change my life, but I’m not really a ‘journaler’.” 

Of course you can manifest through all forms of expression depending on your personal preferences. There is a specific reason why I love journaling as a method for manifestation: writing sets you free! There is no judgment from the pen or the paper. You can be you, with all your imperfections and only you need to know to move forward.

The emotional release that comes from finally putting down on paper all those fears and dreams that have been rolling around in your head feels like finally taking that block of cement off your shoulders and dropping it. You start feeling lighter and freer, making the changes you’ve always wanted to in your life more easily. Once in this ‘free space’ you start consciously choosing your future and the circumstances you want!

Rather than seeing it as a chore, see it as a chance to finally express everything you’ve been bottling up all your life without getting any funny looks or judgments. 

You can just be you. You are ‘just’ a more POWERFUL version of yourself using a pen to write and dictate your future. You all-powerful being, you!


“I don’t have the time to read the book or do the work.”

The key with manifesting is intention. You can start small with 5 minutes a day and work your way through the book. Just the act of choosing to make time for changing your future is already signaling the Universe what really matters.

Commuting, other travel time or even time you spend in waiting areas make great times for journaling while you wait. Those “wait times” can become some of your most productive and powerful moments that define your future!


“My family isn’t really into this sort of thing, they won’t understand.”

Another thing to create time you can have your family join in on these exercises or get them engaged in helping you create time for it. Whether they believe in the Law of Attraction is irrelevant, just let them know that this is important to you to better yourself and all help is appreciated.

Those who love you want to help and it’s often your own guilt talking when you “don’t want to bother them” that prevents them from helping you.


“I have a ton of these kinds of books sitting on my shelf and they’ve never helped.”

This comes down to what I mentioned before about changes not sticking. Unless you are highly committed, consistent and/or have reminders in place, a book will sit there waiting for you to remember it. 

By knowing yourself and your habits you can start putting systems in place to help you stay on track. 

It all depends on how fed up you are with your current situation. How badly do you want to change your life!?


Aren’t you tired of living life in fear and doubt just struggling to stay afloat? 

You can do this, I believe in you!

Take the first step to change your life for the better, you've got this.

Grab your copy NOW!  I'll see you within the pages of this transforming workbook!

XOXO Jaclyn


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