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I have a few Law of Attraction Manifesting ABUNDANCE programs available, but first I want to share a bit of my own journey with you. I went from having $29K debt into having $0 debt. And I'm continuing to have the abundance channels open & flowing with the Universe. 

Now it's YOUR turn. I'm here to help you flick the switch & open your OWN gateway! 

Unblock Your Money Channels: Manifesting Made Easy!

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Unblock Into Alignment: The Deep Dive!

Are You Ready!!?

Your manifestations are COMPLETELY YOURS to receive & NOW is the time to CLEAR AWAY what no longer serves you in order to CALL IN all of your wants & desires into your physical realm! Manifesting money, happiness, love, more clients, and ALL other abundance IS happening FOR you, NOW.   

I'm offering a SPECIAL launch of this truly MIND-SHIFTING & LIFE-CHANGING program that takes place over the course of 12 TRANSFORMING days both via AUDIO & DIGITAL in order to:    

- Say BYE-BYE to what no longer serves you in order to UNLEASH your soul's truest manifesting powers.     

- Be able to UNDERSTAND & successfully GRASP the formula of law of attraction in SURRENDERING & LETTING GO in order for you to live in your highest happiness in your life.    

- And be able to take life by the horns & ALLOW IN everything you ARE manifesting- we are just speeding up the process much more EASILY & quickly!      

Topics we are CONQUERING:

• Purge Your Worries In Order To Ask For What You Really Want!    

• Past & Present: Your Beliefs    

• Thinking, Feeling, & Doing The Opposite In Order To Shift!    

• Using I AM In Order To Empower YOU    

• Using Big Visions As IS & Planning & Executing While Calling In Your Manifestations    

• And Making The Impossible POSSIBLE!     

YES! I think you ARE ready to show the world who IS boss & UNLEASH your soul in order to receive in total EASE!        

I cannot wait to help you unleash your inner BADASS & soul's truest & highest manifesting powers! See you in the program!

Release Your Fear & ManiFAST: Manifest Faster!

XOXO Jaclyn

Don't Feel Stuck! VIP Law of Attraction Manifesting Group

Don't Feel Stuck! The VIP Mastering Manifesting Membership


Become a Master ManiFASTer with ALL of life's ABUNDANCE! My VIP membership group helps you speed up manifesting your life-goals including more money, authentic love, more clients, more happiness, your peace of mind, & ALL of your soul's desires through even MORE EMPOWERING Mastering Manifesting journaling & more of my PERSONALIZED in-depth training! You literally become a Master ManiFASTer: a Master at Manifesting Faster!


I mentor you & answer your journaling, mindset, soul-alignment, & Law of Attraction questions to help YOU speed up ALL of your manifestations within my private Facebook group! Transform your limiting belief systems with MY proven methods of MY own cognitive training! 


Here is the breakdown:

1) There's a unit of focus on each topic (ex: soulmate love, money abundance, releasing your scarcity mindset, learning to ManiFAST, etc.).

2) The units within each topic are organized as "Training 1", "Training 2", so on & so forth so you know the order to SHIFT as a Master ManiFASTer!

3) I circulate the training platform within each topic rotating a) digital training, b) video training, c) audio training, and d) even a self-audit for you to take a mindset inventory exercise on the topic to realize & celebrate your UP-LEVELING SHIFTS.

4) There is a Q&A Google doc for those of you who want to post your questions anonymously that I will answer within...

5) Each topic/unit. We have a topic discussion thread so you can post your questions in there as well. I will post the answers from both the Google Doc sheet & from your questions within the discussion thread INSIDE the topic's discussion thread. 

This way there is further discussion & even more Q&A available within each discussion thread/topic. So everything is there in one place to keep your momentum going with ManiFASTing!

Ready to MASTER MANIFESTING all of your soul's desires into your NEW reality!?

I'll see you in the VIP group, Master ManiFASTer.

Release Your Fear & ManiFAST: Manifest Faster!

XOXO Jaclyn

Let Me In! I'm Ready To Speed Up My Manifestations!


Manifesting Your Soul's New Reality: Gaining an EMPOWERING EDGE with the Law of Attraction


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This empowering program is over the course of 10 soul-transforming days both via AUDIO and via DIGITAL to help you understand and BREAKTHROUGH: 

- WHY you have your limiting beliefs that keep you feeling STUCK in life and learn how to LET GO of them

- Be able to REALIZE and OWN your own POWER within your unique soul

- Learn HOW to celebrate YOU and accept your own AMAZING self-love

- And GRASP the phenomenal ingredient that IS used in manifesting ANYTHING your soul truly wants into your life: DECIDING and mastering the power of CHOICE in the Law of Attraction! 

Welcome to Manifesting Your Soul's New Reality!

Click For My Podcast On How To BREAK UP With Stress & Fear For GOOD!

Soul-Transforming Training Topics We Are Conquering:

- Facing Your Challenges Head-On In Order To Release Them!

- The Origin Of Your Beliefs

- Giving Yourself Permission

- Celebrate Your Strengths & Progress!

- Choosing Thoughts & Feelings In Order To Speed Up Your Manifestations!

Check out this article I wrote around combining the power of science and the Law of Attraction

It's time to TAKE BACK your POWER and I'm SO excited for you! You've totally got this! See you in the program!

Release Your Fear & ManiFAST: Manifest Faster!

XOXO Jaclyn

SEXY Money!

Sold out! THE 1:1, 3-Month Master Manifaster Money Transforming Program

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